Indonesia (Gili, Bali, Lombock)

Almost all accomodation is for two, so if you are alone tag alomg with someone to save money.
The coin is IDR and when I say 10k I mean 10.000 IDR.

Syd to Bali: 350USD or less.
Bali to Kuala Lumpur: 60USD or less.

Gili Trawangan

Snorkel and fins: 20k a day
Accomodation: 130k room for two.
Food: 20-25k
Diving: 350k
Snorkel trip: 100k

How to get there
From Bali: Head to Padang bay, a shuttle from Kuta should be 90k or less, and then catch a speed boat for 150k or less from padang bai to Gili Trawangan.

Rooms are almost always double rooms, you should be able to find one for 130k or less with breakfast and all. I stayed at Eddie’s home stay in a twin bed room and payed 130k a night.

What to do
Rent snorkeling gear for 20k a day and go around the island snorkeling. Ask about the turtle spots and go find them, if you are lucky you can see even 6 or 7 at a time.
Go diving, the price should be around 350k for one dive.
Snorkeling day trip, for 120k you get to go to 4 different snorkeling spots and have lunch at gili air.
Party, on saturdays you got a “big” beach party at the sunset bar. Almost every day of the week you can find movement at sama sama bar.

Food is cheap and good. Try kikinobi for a cheap local lunch, 25k for a plate with meat and 20k without. For dinner get pasta and salad bufet for 20k right in front of the sama sama bar or go to the night market. At the night market looke for the place where they sell each toping for 5k, its on the right next to the road if your back is facing the ocean.

Getting out of there
Going to Lombock: 13k for the public boat. It leaves every time it gets full.


Bike: 35k a day.
Accomodation: 100k room for two.
Food: 12k.
2d/1n Rinjani trek in low season: 2.900.000 for 4.

How to get there
Catch a taxi from the port (Bangsal). Don’t take the taxi right from the port, walk a bit forward and you can get the taxi from half the price (100k). When you get it at the port the guys who take you to the taxi get half the fare.

Home stays cost between 100k or more a night. Ellen hotel is a cheap place with twin bed rooms at 110k a night. Its not the greatest place but it’ll do.

What to do
Rent a scooter and go explore. Mataram is not really worth seeing, just a crowded city, but again thats just my opinion. To the north you’ve got waterfalls and beautifull rice fields. You can bargin and get a scooter for 35k a day.

Getting out of there
The cheapest way is by bemo(lil local public buses) or by the airport shuttle that takes you to Mataram or the airport for 30k. From the airport, or a bit before, you can get a taxi for 60k or less to Kuta, Lombock.


Bike: 40k a day
Accomodation: 100k room for two.
Food: 12k local food

How to get there
The easiest way we found, from Senggigi to Kuta, was first by bus from Senggigi to the airport, the tickets are 30k each and the bus goes first to Mataram and then to the airport. From there catch a taxi to Kuta which should be around 60k for the ride. We were 3 so the entire trip was 50k each.

You can find plenty of rooms, double or twin bed, for 100k a night. I stayed at Qurnia Home stay for 70k. It was far from the beach, east of the main round about, but you’ll end up getting a bike anyways, so it wasn’t a problem.

What to do
Rent a scooter for no more than 40k a day and go explore the beaches you have both east and west of Kuta. On the east you have sunset beach and mawun beach which are nice. Mawun was my personal favorite. At this last one they’ll ask you to pay for parking, just say you’ll pay later.

Nanas is the cheapest and best place to eat. Not very clean but is totally worth it. The smoothies are 7k and you can get them of whatever you want, the coconut and chocolat one is great!

Getting out of there
The best place to bargin for departure tickets off to Bali is at the tour agency next to the restaurant Nanas. We paid 225k to go from Kuta to Ubud in Bali.


We where just here for the Rinjani trek. We got a really good price for it after barganing a lot at Senggigi. I think its better if you negotiate for it back there, cuz if you try bargining at Senaru, they know you have to do the excursion for sure, instead if you negotiate at Senggigi you can just not go and do something else, which gives you more bargining power. At that time it was 4 of us and we got the tour (2 days/1 night)+1 night accomodationat senaru(the night before the trek)+transportation to senaru and back to Senggigi for 725k each. It was low season so it might get more expensive. We went to at least 5 different tour agencies and bargained the price down till we got what we got.


General recomendation for the island

Rent a bike the minute you get there and rent it for as long as you stay on the island. You can get it for less than 35k a day and its way cheaper and more fun to move around the island in a scooter. Shuttles are to expensive.

If you rent a bike its really likely you’ll get stoped by the police. They just want your money and they’ll try to take as much from you as possible. The least you can give them, without running in to any trouble, is 50k. Always have 50k in small bills in your pocket and when they stop you tell them you are really sorry(don’t even show them your license cuz they might take it and use it to get more money out of you) and that you only have 50k left. After a while they will take the money and tell you to fuck off.

Go around the entire island by bike, you only need 4-5 days. Use triposo to find your way around when you are lost.


Acomodation: 120k room for two. Can even book it online.
Food: 15k local food.
Shuttles: Prices are fixed, impossible to bargain.
Bike: 35k a day.

How to get there
The best way to get there is by bike. Shuttles are “expensive” and not easy to bargain.

Bungalows are widely available and there are all around 120k for a double room. My recommendation is to book online if you can.

What to do
Rent a motorbike and go explore the rice fields. In town you can find beautiful temples and fun markets. The small temple behind starbucks is nice. The monkey temple is 20k to go in and its cool, be carefull with the monkeys though, they can be a pain in the ass if they still something from you.

If you are facing the Ubud palace, walk down monkey road and turn on your first right. You’ll find a few cheap, chill, and good restorants in that street.

Getting out of there
The best way is by motorbike, if you don’t happen to have one just take a shuttle to your next destination. Try barganing if you want, for me it didn’t work though.


Bike: 35k a day at “two brother rent a car”, they are in Mataram street.
Accomodation: 50k dorm/100k room for two.
Eat: 12k local food.
Party: 50k including all you can eat bufet at Skygarden or 0k if you go at 9pm(you get free cocktails till 10pm).

How to get there
If you come from the airport don’t pay more than 50k.

I stayed twice at “Travelers camp” which is in Mataram street real close to skygarden, which is the 5 story club with free beer, cocktails, and cheap good food bufet. I payed 50k for a dorm and 100k for a double room. You can find them in the main booking sites.

What to do
Party, surf and rent a motorbike and get out of the main touristy area. If you got money you can do some fancy shoping…not my case hahaha.

Just realised the last day I was there, ice cream at Mac Donald’s is really cheap hahaha. Eating at warungs is around 12k and you get a nice size plate.

Getting out of there
Rent a motorbike for 35k a day and fo explore the rest of the island(Bali). In 5-4 days you can go around it.


Accommodation: 100k room for two if you stay more than 1 night.
Eating: 20k-30k for local food.
Bike: 35k a day.
Uluwatu temple: 20k day entrance.

How to get there
Rent a motorbike and head to south Kuta. To cross to south Kuta you got to ride through a really long bridge and pay a toll of 2k for bikes. The bridge is quite amazing. After that you’ll be in the island and just follow the signs or look up in triposo how to get there. As you get closer to the temple and the beach you’ll start to see many home stays.

Ask at one of the many home stays. Prices go around 100k-150k for a room for two.

What to do
Go to the beach, SURF or learn to surf, go to the uluwatu temple, explore.
Party, every sunday at single fin bar you’ve got a big party (dj and all).

Local food is around 25k. Jaya warung is a great bet.

Getting out of there
Hope on your motorcycle and go.


Accomodation: 100k room for two.
Eat: 20k local food.
Bike: 40k a day.
Bedugul temple: 30k entrance.

How to ge there
Get there by bike or shuttle. If you are going around the island by bike is a nice stop for the night.

In the main street you’ve like 3 or 4 streets that intersect it. Explore those for decent cheap accomodation. If they are out of your budget go for the ones on the main roud a bit out of the main Lovina.

What to do
Go to the local hot springs and share with locals. Its 2k to enter.
Go to Bedugul and check the city and temple they have in the lake. Go by bike, is like a 1.5hrs drive up the mountains. Be carefull cuz it might rain when you are up there.
Go diving and dolfin watching if you have the time and money. If you dive you might get free one night accommodation.

Please follow my directions so you get to eat some nicee food. Ok, so if you are in the main street of Lovina, walk towards the oncean, when you get there(where the dolfin statue is) turn right and walk a bit till you find another street on your right. Turn there, walk a bit up, and eat at any of the warungs you got there. Baby kecap was really fucking good, bit expensive though.

Getting out of there
Go to your next stop by bike or shuttle. If you love to dive,head to the ship wrek in Tulamben.


Accommodation: 50k dorm at Dive Concept.
Eat: 20k-25k local food.
Dive: 250k one fun dive.

How to get there
As I have been saying hahaha go by bike when you are going around the island. The other option is by shuttle.

I stayed at my dive center. It was 50k a night for a dorm. The name of the place was dive concept.

What to do
DIVE the ship wrek. It’s really cheap and amazing. Only 250k for the fun dive. Best price I have found so far in SEA.

On the main road you’ll find a coupl of warungs, there is one wih live music at the beginig of the “town” which is good. 20-30 for local food.

Getting out of there
Bike 🙂


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