Poland (Spending)

Intercity transport: Polskibus is the cheapest option to travel around the country, if you have planned ahead you can get your tickets almost for nothing. Check their webpage to book tickets.

Public transport: Students pay half, so if you have a student card use it.

Magic words
Hello: Czesc, Thanks: Jincuie.

Average spending
10 USD a day (doesn’t include accomodation).





Sleep: Hostelsmgo for around 30PLN a night, I couch surfed so I can’t really say anything about them.
Eat: Food at supermarkets is cheap and on the street yo can eat for around 10PLN.
Transport: Officers never check so you can move around without a ticket, a one way ticket for a student is 1,5PLN.
Tickets: Big ass war paint: 18PLN/25PLN student/adult.

What to do
The city is beautiful and very easy to explore. Move around with the help of a cityspy map, which are free and quite informative and check out the church island, the main square, the parks and the huge war painting. While you move around the city stay alert some of the 255 dwarfs that are hiding all over this magical town. If you want some help spoting, or you just want to spend a whole day after them, download the app frok the Play Store that will give you their gps location.

A cool day trip is going to visit Ksiaz castle, the train there is only 6PLN and the castle in it self is amazing. There’s no need to go in if you dont feel like paying, just check it out from the view point.




Sleep: Did couch surfing, prices range around 25PLN a night for a dorm.
Eat: Food in the supermarket is cheap, you can eat for less than 20PLN a day. Food on the street starts around 6PLN.
Tickets: Cinema 15PLN.
Transport: Officers never check so you can move around without a ticket, a one way ticket for a student is 1,7PLN. Do it at your own risk though.

What to do
There’s many free walking tours, each one will show you the city from a different perspective. I took the one from freewalkingtour.com and was quite good.

Try pirogis, cheap local food, and if you have the chance go watch a play or a movie at the palace of culture.


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