Budapest (Hungary)

Magic Word: Ke se num = Thank you, Cia = Hi
Average spending per day: 18 eur




Transport: If you are staying for a week recommend to buy the one week metro card, you can get on the ferries, buses, tranvias and metro as many times as you want and its only 16,5 eur. Google maps works for public transport directions. Cheapest fare from and to the airport.
Party: Budapest has a shit ton of night life, if you are here during a saturday night go the the bath parties, yes, fucking massive pool parties. If you don’t get a ticket in advance don’t worry, show up and pay at the door, it won’t be more than 30 eur (25 if you booked online).

Budget (Average per day: 18 eur)
Sleep: 10 eur a night, I stayed at All Central Hostel, very well located.
Eat: 2 eur for a Kebab on Kiraly street, 1 eur for a slice of pizza.
Party: Every night there’s something going on. In general is cheap, the most pricy one is the saturday night spa party that goes for around 30 eur.
Transport: 24h/72h/week public transport ticket 5,5eur/13eur/16,5eur.
Monuments: Most of them are free and there’s no need to go in in my opinion.

What to do (Day)
Explore explore explore. The whole touristy area is quite small, you can walk everywhere, but you’ll get really tired after a couple days.
During you first days in this lovely city I recommend you take one of the free walking tours, they are tip based so at the end of the tour chip in what ever you feel comfortable with. The tours go on every day and you can get the time schedule at any hostel. After you get to know a bit of the city is time to explore by yourself, I recommend going to the central market and grabing a bite and cake! Try the cakes, they are cheap and good. After that you can go check the park at the island, the many baths, the parlament and the angel at the top of the hill, if you go up, which you must, stay there till it goes dark, the monuments light up and you can take some really cool pictures if you set a slow shutter speed

What to do (Night)
Budapest has an incredible night life, a lot of movement and its quite easy and safe to move around at night. Every night people gather at the akuarim rightnextto Derek Fer train station. In terms of where to party, for the younger drunker crowd I recommend checking out Instant, if you are more in to a techno vibe go check A38. For those whomare here during the weekend go to the Spa Party, is a massive party at the main bath, its a bit expensive, around 30 eur for a ticket, but I heard is mad!
Some other venues you can check Otkert, Romkert, Rio, Budapest park, Kraft, Tokio.


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