Cambodia (Spending)

Visa: The cheapest place where you can get it is at Bangkok, if you get it on arraival is 20 USD.

Phon Pen

Sleep: 5 dolars, 19 happy backpackers. Cool place.
Party: If the club is free they’ll force you to buy something inside. Good parties at street 51.
Eat: 2 dolars for local food.
Transport: 7 dolars to Shianoukville.

What to do
Go check the killing fields, bla bla bla, and ghe shooting range during the day. If you are gonna do all the same day start by the gun range, which is expensive, and then go do the rest. After the killong fields you won’t want to be anywhere near a gun.
At night party all night long, any day of the week, at street 51. A motorbike ride there should be 1 dolar.


Tip: Be careful with your shit. While at the beach at night, in pretty much an eyeblink, the little kids that sell fireworks stole my friends pussy purse.

Utopia: Many people say Utopia hostel is shit, but when I went I loved it. Is cheap as shit, a lot of fun, a bit dirty, didn’t get bed bugs but saw rats, and people are nice. If you aren’t in to this kind of scene stay somewhere else.

Sleep: 1 dolar a night at Utopia fan dorm.
Eat: Cheap food at the local market, is right next to the golden lion statue. 1,25 dolar for local food.
Party: bars offer free shots and drinks, beer is 1 dolar after happy hour, 0,25 dolar during happy hour.
Transport: 15 dolar return boat to koh rong.

What to do
Rent a motorbike and check near by beaches during the day, at night get ready to party hard.

Koh Rong(Low season)

Sleep: 8 dolars for a twin room at white rose, pretty decent.
Eat: 2 dolars for incredible thai food at Sigi’s, recomend getting the nad lha!
Transport: 15 dolars for a return ticket from Shianoukville.

What to do
Enjoy the beach during the day, you have many options in terms of beaches, long beach is a fun trek trough the jungle and you can stay watch the sunset and then catch a boat for 5 dolars which takes you back to the other side. During the night go swim in the plankton, I was there for 4 days and must have gone swim in the plankton atleast 10 times.

In the bars you can find pool tables and next to the beach volleyball courts.



Tip: Rent a bike as soon as you get in to town and use it to get to your hostel, then when you leave you return it in town and just hope on to your bus.

Arcadia: Amazing hostel right on top of the river. It has a swing, a bar from which you can jump in the water, and a blooper (those air thing where a guy is at one end and another jump on the other and propels the first one up in the air)

Sleep: 3 dolars for a dorm at Arcadia, which is a hostel I totally recommend staying at, really good fun, book in advanced though.
Eat: 1,5-3 dolars for a meal at Vichet’s, right outside of Arcadia.
Rent: 5 dolars a day for a motorbike.
Transport: 6 dolars to Shianoukville, 13 to Siem Riep and 6 to Phon Pen.

What to do
If you are in to Chilling stay at Arcadia and do that. If you wont to explore grab your bike and go check the Boca Mountain(don’t quite remember the name) and the natipnal park that’s close by. At night there is always something going on at Arcadia.

Siem Riep


Sleep: 3 dolars a night at garden village.
Eat: 1,5-3 dolars for local food.
Rent: 1 dolar a day for a normal bicycle.
Transport: 9 dolars to Bangkok.
Pub crawl: 10 dolars.
Angkor Wat: 1 day pass 20 dolars.

What to do
One day wake up really early and go watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat, is totally worth it. If you aren’t a sporty person get a tuk tuk for 12 dolars which will take you around all the sites, if you want to do the exploring on your own, go on a remted bicycle, is really good fun. When going around the temples don’t forget to visit the tomb rider one, is quite impressive!
After you are done with Angkor Wat you are ready to immerse yourself in the party scene and become a night animal. During the day go chill and detox at monkey hostel’s pool and at night partybyour ass off at pub street. 3 times a week there is a wicked pub crawl.


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