Laos (Spending)



Sleep: 35.000 Kp for a dorm at Mixay Hostel, really nice beds but don’t trust them on any of the services they provide(visas/buses), they’ll over charge you maybe double or triple.
Eat: 5.000 Kp for a big sandwich at the morning market, 15.000 Kp to eat at local restorant, look for them on the third street from the river to the left (if you are coming from the river).
Entries: 5.000 Kp to park at the Budha park and 3.000 Kp to get in the Budha park. Free entrie at Cope museum.
Rent: 60.000/10.000 Kp rental for 24hrs bike/bicycle
Bus: 120.000/60.000 Kp to Thekek agaency/on bus

I found, what for me is, the best noodle soup and ice coffee in Laos. The place is located close to the shooping mall, if you are going up, towards the Paxay Monument, you’ll have the shooping center on your right, turn on that street and passed the bus station you’ll see same food carts on the right. Go for the first one and orther the home made noodles(capiac zen) and an ice coffee. You wont pay more than 25.000 kp total.

What to do
Rent a bike and explore! At morning time the morning market is open and you can get a nice baguette sandwich for just 5.000 Kp. Till 4pm the Budha parks is open, which I highly recommend checking out, just rent a bike and go for it. Every day the Cope museum is open, here you’ll be able to grasp tha harsh past of this beautiful country.
At night time there not that much to do, anyhow the rooftop bar is quite nice even though it loses at 23:30 and then if you wonna go for some late night dancing you can catch a taxi to @home night club, which is a bit out of town, not that far though.

Thakek (The loop)


Sleep: 30.000 Kp for a dorm at Travellers lodge Hostel. Some beds are really bad, so try find a nice one.
Eat: 15.000 to 30.000 kp for a plate at a local restorant.
Entries: 10.000 to enter Konglor cave per person. 100.000 kp to rent a boat for three.
Rent: 55.000 Kp for 24hrs bike rental. You cam take the bike to the loop.
Bus: 60.000 Kp to Vientiane.

What to do
On your own or with friends go do the Konglor cave loop. It will take you between 3 days and 5 days to complete the loop, depinding on how fast you move. Rent bikes at Thakek and follow the maps, which you can find everywhere. All bikes are suitable for the loop. The most challenging stretch is a 40km-50km dirt road, which you’ll probably ride through on your second day. Just remember to drive safe and not to use your front breaks.

Vang Vieng


Sleep: 30.000/80.000 Kp for a single/double at Vieng Vilay(normal)/Central Backpackers(really nice)
Eat: 10.000 Kp for a sandwich. 5.000 Kp for a shake. 15.000 Kp noodle soups or phat thai
Entries: 10.000 Kp blue lagoon, main atraction, heads up…its overrated
Rent: 30.000/10.000 Kp Motorbike/Bicycle from 7am to 8pm
Transport: 90.000 Kp day bus to Luang Prabang
Drugs: 100.000 Kp for a mushroom shake. People said tjat the best place was Jaidees
Tours:140.000/70.000 Kp Rock climbing/Tubing. 80 USD air balloon ride.

What to do
Depending in the amount of days you have and what you wonna do you can go Tubing one day, blue lagoon on a motorbike or a tuk tuk another day, then go rock climbing another day, and party every night. If you got money go on an air balloon and if you like trying drugs go triping with mushrooms one day. Summarizing, Vang Vieng is a small backpacker town that has to offer pretty much all the fun, beauty and relaxation you can think of.

Luang Prabang


If you are coming from Vang Vieng take, by all means, a mini van during the day. They are cheaper, faster and the drive is stunning.

Sleep: 40.000 Kp for a dorm at Khammany inn. Hostel packed with backpackers. They give you breakfats.
Eat: 10.000 Kp for sandwich or local food at the market.
Entries: 20.000 Kp tp get in to the main waterfall.
Rent: 120.000/15.000 Kp motorbike/bicycle 24hrs.
Transport: 30.000 Kp tp go to Waterfall
Vietnam visa: 60/65/70 USD for getting visa in 2/1.5/1 day.

What to do
Go check the main waterfall during the day. You can get a minivan to take you there and back for 30.000 Kp. A good time to go is from 11am to 4pm because the clouds will have cleared out for sure. When at the waterfalls go check out the secret pond. To get to it go up the waterfalls, when you reach the bridge don’t cross it an go trough the right. You’ll be going up, when you reach the wooden stairs go half way up and then go upnthe waterfall which will be on your right. Climb a bit, its not slippery at all, and you’ll be there.
During the night go to Utopia, ask around and you’ll find it. The vibe is really cool, you can dance, chill and even play volleyball. After Utopia follow the crowd and go play bowling, which has not much to do with the sport hahaha.



Sleep: 60.000/50.000 Kip for a double/single room at Nice hostel, the rest are the sams price.
Eat: 15.000 Kip for lao soup.
Entries: 10.000-15.000 Kip to enter the differemt jar fields.
Rent: 60.000 Kip for a motorbike from 8am to 8pm.
Transport: 280.000 Kip night bus to Hanoi, Vietnam. 110.000 Kip bus to Luang prabang.

What to do
Rent a bike and go check the differemt sights around Phonsavan, you can see them all in one day without rushing. The main sights are the 3 jar fields, spoon village and the waterfall. Just so you know, the road that goes to the 2 & 3 jar field, the spoon village, and the waterfall is in bad shape.


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