I spent 32.000P in 20 days, considering domestic flights. 1600P a day.

Try go on the buses rooftops.



Ferry: 500php one way, 800php round trip.
Bus: 60P chocolate hills, 30P monkey sanctuary.
Entries: 50P monkey sanctuary as student, 50P to chocolate hills main view point.
Eat: 100P-200P for food at Nuts Huts, go try the pizza placr if you can, the info is in the eat section.

Loboc, village pizza, right next to the city by an american pizza chef. Great wooden oven pizza for regular prices. 90P-140P for a 7inch pizza, enough for one person!

If you wonna chill and stay at a nice and cheap place go to Nuts Huts, close to Loboc, is 300P for a dorm bed and you got the river right next to you…is green!

What to do
In one day you can do the main things, though you need more days if you wonna go explore the river next to nuts huts or the island south westof Bohol.
The main atractions are the Chocolate Hills and the Tarsier Monkey sanctuary, for which you only need to hop on a local bus, try going on therooftop, and ask them to let you know whrn to get off.

Move on
Our move was to oslob, we took a ferry to Argos for 200P and then from there a bus to Oslob which is between 40P and 60P depending on the AC.



Ferry: 200P
Bus: 10P jeeps/40P bus to town from ferry
Eat: 60P-80P local food
Entries: 1000P whale shark snorkeling
Sleep: Germaroze guesthouse, 700P private room for two.

What to do
Go see the whale sharks! Its 7P for the jeepy that takes you there, the first one leaves at 6am, be there a bit in advanced so you deffenetly catch the first one. After that, you got yo pay 1000P to go snorkel with the whale sharks.
You’ll probably be done around 8am so I recommend that during the sameday you go see the waterfalls, they are beautiful. Its 30P to go see them and to grtthereyou can take a jeepyand then walk like 2Km uphill or pay a bike to take you.

Moving on
Going to Dumaguete or Squijor, go to puerto del sur port and catch a boat to Dumaguete for 55P (student fare), and then a boat to Siqijore for 120P slow boat\220P fast boat


Ferry: 55P from puerto del sur.
Bus: 10 jeeps in to town.
Eat: 70P-100P local food
Diving: 2700P 2 dives in Apo island.
Sleep: Harolds mansion, 500P private room for two\250P dorm.

What to do
Get a free bycicle from the hostel(Harolds mansion) and go explore!
Do some diving at Apo island. I did two dives for 2700P and it was 3300P for 3. The dives included a draft dive which was a really long current. If you are only doing 2 deffenetly do the draft one.
Go see a cock fight, you can go in the bikes and head to the cock fighting arenas. If you dear, bet on a fight.

Food at Harolds mansion was actually quite good and affordable.

Move on
Head to Sikijore for 120P/220P slow/fast ferry. Go up to Boracay by land and water. Check the Boracay how to ge there section.


Ferry: 120P from Dumaguete.
Bus: 25 jeeps in to town.
Eat: 70P-100P local food
Bike: 250P a day.
Sleep: Casa miranda, 400P private room for two\250P single.

How to get there
From Dumaguete catch a slow ferry at the port. The ride is 1.5hrs and the price 120P.

What to do
Rent a moorbike and go around the island, the waterfalls were my favorite, its free to get in and you have a liana with which you can jump in to the water and a broken tree from which you could jump as well.
Around the island you also have some brilliant view points, caves(600P for 3 people), and a beautiful sunset view from the west side of the island.



The beach is divided in to 3 sections. Section 3 is the cheapest, section 1 is the most expensive.

Ferry: 200P from Caticlan/125P way back.
Bus: 20 tricycles around town.
Eat: 150P-300P local food.
Sleep: MNL(Section 2), 650P for a dorm. Marios tree house(Section 3) 250P for a dorm.

How to get there
By land: I went from Siqijore, so the rout applies to all those coming from Dumaguete or anywhere in Negros. 1)Ferry from siqijore to Dumaguete (120P/1.5hrs slow). 2)Bus from Dumaguete to Bacolod(268P/7hrs). 3)Ferry from Bacolod to Iloilo(335P/1hr).

What to do
Chill at the beach during the day and go party at night or during the day if you like. The main clubs are Epic(500P entrance) and Summer Place(200P entrance). At the time I went the tourist were mostly philippinos, so maybe don’t expect that many westerns.

El Nido


When you get droped off at the bus terminal in el Nido just walk in to town, is a 15min walk.

Bus: 500P for private shuttle from airport/280P for public bus from terminal San Jose.
Eat: 100P-250P local food. Squids was a nice place, order a stuffed squid for 170P.
Sleep: On the street parallel to the beach you can find accommodation for 500P-600P which is good for two.

What to do
If you are at El Nido you got to do at least one of the tours and if you can rent a bike or go on a tricycle to explore the nearby beaches. The best tours, from what people told me, are A and C. The prices are fucked up high but you can bargain pretty easily, just go around asking till you get your desired price. I only got tour A and I did it for 800P, the best price I heard of was 700P for a group of 8.
TIP: The conservation fee you pay (200P) is valid for 10 days, if you are just using it for a couple days try reselling it.

Rice terraces (Banaue)


Bus: 450P for Ohayami bus from Manila.
Eat: 100P-200P local food.
Sleep: 300P for a private room at Uyamis Green Lodge.

How to get there
Got to catch a Bus from Manila, which is difficult to decifer if you wonna go straight from the airport to the bus station. Any how, the bus company that offeres the cheapest fares is Ohayamby( The bus terminal is called Sampaloc and you can get there by jeepy.

What to do
Only had one day in Banaue and I decided to go check Batad which is the spot in the picture. To go there from town they’ll try to charge you something around 300P, for me that seemed to expensive so I hitchhiked there and it took me less time that those ones who paid. After that you just got to walk the trail to the rice terraces main view point(45min) and then if you wonna go to the waterfall, which is worth it, you got to walk another 45min. The trail is intermidiate level.


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