Kuala Lumpur, Mersing and Tioman Island

Accommodation: 40-50myr room for two.
Eat: 6-10myr local food.
Beer: 3-5myr.
Diving: 110myr fun dive in Tioman.

Kuala Lumpur




Accomodation: 12-15myr for a dorm.
Eat: 6-9myr local food.
Beer: 3 beers for 10myr at shop.

How to get there
Bus or flight. A flight from Bali was 63USD one way.

China town is a very central neighborhood and it has a lot of life and its close to everything. You got the Pasar Seni train station, from where you can go anywhere, and you can also catch the train that goes to the batu caves. I stayed at Travelers inn hostal. It was the cheapes option I could find online and I think it was the cheapest you could find in KL. It was 12myr a night and was what you paid for. At first it looks bad, but in the end, as everyone is pretty much sleeping at the same room (some sleep in the corridor, others in rooms) you get to know everybody.

What to do
Grab a city map and explore by foot the many bulding, monuments, parks and temples that are laying around.
Hope on the train and go to the batu caves for 2myr.
Go to the skybar, which is right in front of the petrona tower,s and get one of the greates views of them for free. Go up the elevator take pictures and then come back down 🙂

Food is really good at Malaysia and specially in KL. During the night you got many different options in China town. For 2-3myr you can get naan bread and for 6-9myr a dish of your choosing.

Move on
You can move towards any place in Malaysia, Singapore, or the south of thailand. Going to Singapore is around 45myr for a bus ticket, and it takes more less 6hrs. The border crossing is really smooth and almost every nationality is granted a free visa.

Mersing(Port before Tioman island)

Accommodation: 15myr dorm bed at Omars Backpackers.
Eat: 1-2myr naan bread. 7-10myr local food.
Ferry: 35myr one way to Tioman island. When paying the island tax say your a student and you’ll get a nice discount.

How to get there
Go by bus from KL or Johor Bahru. The bus ticket from Johor Bahru is around 13myr.

As it is a port town there are tons of places to stay. The cheapest I found was Omar Backpackers, which was 15myr for a dorm bed. The hostal is really really chill, not much people stay there so you’ll probably be the king and owner of the place.

What to do
Acctually didn’t find much to do besides eating and waiting for the ferriy or bus. On the other hand, I didn’t explore much =p.

There is a really good Chinese restaurant though prices are a bit on the expensive side, 15myr for sweet sour chicken and you’ve got to pay separate for the rice.
Many places serve local food and naan bread. Try the chocolate or banana one for dessert or breakfast.

Move on(Tioman island ferry)
Head to Tioman island for 35myr. The boats leaveat different times every day depending on the tide, try to be at the dock at least 45min before the scheduled time, otherwise you may end up spending another night in Mersing. To go to the island you’ve to pay a natural park preservation tax. When paying say you are a student and pay 15myr instead of 25myr.

Tioman island




Accommodation: 40myr for a double room at ABC.
Eat: 5-8myr local food.
Surf board: 20myr an hour.
Motorbike: 70myr a day for a shitty one.
Ferry: 35myr one way from Mersing.
Preservation tax(got to pay it to take the ferry): 15myr student 25myr adult.

How to get there
You can getthere either from Singapore or Malaysia. For what I know, from Malaysia it was cheaper. To go from Malaysia you have to get first to Mersing, a small port town 2-3 hrs away from Tioman Island. The ferry to the island is 35myr one way and the price is fixed, no way of barganing, you also have to pay a conservation tax which is 25myr for foreners but if you say you are a student, which they wont check, you only pay 15myr. The tax is due only when you go to the island.

Depending where you stay the accomodation you get. My recomendation is to stay at ABC and from there go all around the island. The ferry will drop you at air batang(abc) which makes it easy. You’ll be able to find a room for two for 40myr a night. The other budget option is to head to the west side of the island, to Juara, this side is really beautifull but to get there you got to trek trough the jungle for 2 hours or take a taxi which charges you 35myr one way. You’ll be able to find accomodation for 15myr a night at a dorm on this side.

Eating is a funny and tricky thing at the island. Everyone is so chill that some days you’ll find your self with out a place to eat. Locals randomly open and close the restorants, so eat while you can hahah. Local food is around 6-10myr.
There is a waffle place, that is really tuff to find open but serves really nice waffles, like 5 min from the other side of abc…when you go walking from abc to tekek you haveto go up some stairs. After the stairs, you walk about 5 min and in the middle of the road you’ve got your waffle shop.

What to do
Trek to the other side of the island, in the way you can go see a small waterfall and on the other side you can surf if the waves are good.
Walk to monkey bay.
GO DIVING! Tioman has some really nice dive spots and the visibility is incredible. A fun dive starts at 100myr.
Go to sunset bar and watch the sunset while enjoying a pizza or drinking a beer.

Move on
Head back to Mersing and catch a bus to where ever you wonna go. In my case I went to Singapore. To do so, you take a bus to Joho Bahur, for 13myr (fixed price), and then catch another bus (the 170) to Singapore, for 2myr. The border crossing is really expedite and easy. Most countries have a tourist visa on arrival.


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