Whats this? Que es esto?

Hi! I’m a world traveller from Chile and I love to bargain, explore, meet new people and all those things that we backpackers love. On this blog I share the prices and information I collect at the different places I go. The blog is in english cuz I think we latins are quite good at barganing and getting the real prices and our fellow non latin travellers are the ones that can bennefit the most out of the info.

Just started with this, so for now only Indonesia, in a couple of months you’ll be able to find info about more countries.

All comments are more than welcome.

Instagram: @mecorre1



  1. Awesome! I’ll be following you dude! Suerte en tu viaje putazo! un abrazo gigante compañero de estudio distinguido! jaja

  2. Great work man! thanks for all the information, it will be very usefull! maybe this can be a pack with some cards for libraries that i have in mind? jajaja un beso viajero! nos vemos!

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